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Tornado Rimless Toilet Bowl

Introducing the latest addition to Best Choice Lights and Bath – the Tornado Rimless Toilet Bowl. This stylish Toilet Bowl is finished in a classic white color and adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. It is designed for Cassanova toilet bowl installation, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms or those who want to save on floor space.

The ultra-hygienic rimless design of the toilet bowl ensures no hard-to-reach places for dirt or waste to accumulate, making cleaning a breeze. The Tornado Rimless Toilet Bowl is made from high-quality ceramic material and comes with a guarantee against all manufacturing defects, providing you with peace of mind.

In addition, the best choice of lights and baths also offers the RP toilet, which features a tornado rimless toilet bowl. It creates a smooth, finely structured surface that prevents dirt, mold, and bacteria from sticking. The tornado flush technology ensures that the entire bowl is thoroughly cleaned with a powerful whirlpool of water that efficiently flushes away dirt and waste without producing any spray.

Investing in these innovative and easy-to-clean bathroom fixtures from Best Choice Lights and Bath will not only elevate your bathroom’s style quotient but also provide you with the convenience of hassle-free cleaning.



Best Choice Lights and Bath offers the Tornado Rimless Toilet Bowl, a modern bathroom fixture designed for efficient hygiene and ease of maintenance. The toilet bowl features a rimless design that eliminates hidden nooks and crannies where dirt and waste may accumulate. Innovative tornado flush technology uses a powerful water whirlpool to give you a hassle-free and sanitary experience every time.

The Tornado Rimless Toilet Bowl incorporates advanced tornado flush technology, which swirls the water into a deep clean. Every corner of the bowl is cleaned effectively, preventing dirt, mold, and bacteria buildup. You get a pristine, germ-free toilet bowl in no time.


Cassanova's Tornado Rimless Toilet Bowl is explicitly designed for small bathrooms or spaces that want to maximize floor space. Keeping the toilet bowl elegant and functional while using less space is the goal of this installation method.

Sure. Tornado Rimless Toilet Bowls eliminate the traditional rim where grime and waste can accumulate. There are no hard-to-reach areas, so cleaning is a breeze. This bowl's tornado flush technology cleans effectively without leaving a residue, saving you time and effort.


A guarantee against manufacturing defects backs the Tornado Rimless Toilet Bowl from Best Choice Lights and Bath. With this warranty, customers are assured of the product's durability and reliability.